Gamekicker Crowdfunding

With limited success we tried to help indie game developers in a progressively pro-triple-A environment with a crowdfunding platform specifically for indie games. We were the proud indie among crowdfunding platforms! Unfortunately our projects did not hit their mark. We are still looking for new ways to help game-developers though! Do you have any insights that could help us? Contact us at

CURE -  An Evolutionary RTS Video Game

Ever wanted to cure the worst diseases and protect humanity, or wreak havoc on the world with engineered mayhem? With CURE you can! Playing around with the traditional RTS genre, CURE adds a unique upgrading system that you would only find in an RPG.

CURE is a game by Cryogenic Entertainment and they are still developing the game! Check it out on

God Caster

God Caster was a new online trading card game, featuring Gods and mythical creatures from all over the world. Players could battle with other players all over the globe, in real time. Unfortunately development has stopped.